Pinecrest is recognized as one of Miami’s safest and most attractive neighborhoods. Located in Miami-Dade County, it is governed by a five member Village Council, and has a population nearing 20,000. This affluent neighborhood has a high-per-capita income and features some of the biggest and awe-inspiringly beautiful homes in southeast USA. If you’re looking to move into a large and spacious home, and want the luxury of choosing from a range of architectural styles, Pinecrest won’t disappoint. Along multi-acre mansions, there is also a good choice of medium-sized homes with neatly manicured lawns and white picket fences.

The suburban village’s park, playground and top-ranked public schools draw families. Lifestyle here is charming, tranquil and activity-oriented. Picnics, biking, a Little League, and farmer’s market are a part of life. Low speed limits, zoning regulations and laws are strictly enforced, contributing to a peaceful and secure environment. While abundantly equipped with amenities, nightlife and entertainment options are limited. It is a paradise for families that appreciate orderliness, harmony and the simple life.

Pinecrest convenient location, stable housing market and quietude also attract professionals and entrepreneurs. As a bonus, certain locations within the village offer free Wi-Fi to enable business and personal communications on-the-go.

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