We have our own in-house licensed Architecture and Construction partner teams which truly allow us to offer seamless, integrated design and construction services to renovate, upgrade, or completely transform your residential and commercial projects.


Raising the bar in real estate services!

Unlike other designers who work with networks of contractors and other vendors, we do not need to do so.

What if your real estate advisor could manage your interior design?  As a full-service real estate boutique, we truly remove the challenges of remodeling or renovating your property by providing continuous advice and expertise all the way through.  From elaborating plans, meeting codes, supervising the project and passing inspections, we are licensed for all.

Spider International has consistently met Clients’ desire to improve the aesthetics of their property by delivering reliable interior design solutions. We collaborate with you to achieve the exact look and ambiance you seek from your property, heightening its appeal and making it more marketable to prospective tenants or for your personal enjoyment, whichever may be the case.

Where is the Art?

  • Through the art of staging, we advise you and prepare your commercial and residential property for open houses, private or group showings, photo shoots, and more.
  • Through the art of design –from schematic designs, to architectural elevations and plan conception to construction, we handle it all with our in-house licensed partner teams.
  • Through the art of lighting, we create unique ambiance that heightens the characteristics of your residential or commercial space.
  • Through the art of decoration –from art to accessories and furniture selection, we work with your vision ideals and financial plan.

Planning the interior design of your property can be pretty intimidating. With our comprehensive assistance and advisory, you will be in a better position to make decisions that enhance your new home and maximize returns from your investment property.