As a full-service real estate boutique, another of Spider International’s key services is general property maintenance. The properties under our care continue maintaining their value and supporting owners’ investment goals.


A look at our comprehensive maintenance solutions

A minimum investment in property maintenance goes a long way. If your property has sustained damage as a result of an ongoing problem, your insurer may refuse to cover it. The commercial property you own is a reflection of your business: you don’t want to create an unfavorable impression.

Spider International’s property maintenance solutions include:

  1. Routine maintenance, comprising of tasks such as cleaning and landscaping, performed at regular intervals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  2. Preventive maintenance, which is often overlooked when it shouldn’t be. We fix mold, drywall and air filter issues before they become expensive problems.
  3. Corrective maintenance, which is straightforward: when something breaks, we fix it. This is a rare occurrence as our routine maintenance prevents such difficult situations from arising in the first place.
  4. Cosmetic maintenance, where we make your property ready before a new tenant moves in.

Property maintenance common areas of concern   

As with any asset, your property can suffer wear and tear over the years. However, some parts of a property may be more affected by the elements more than others. For instance, sun, rain and salt can sully balconies. Many years of exposure can also wear down concrete. Should balcony repair be needed, it must be performed by a licensed contractor. The roof also needs to be inspected annually for leaks, and problematic areas repaired at the earliest.

Minor concerns include lighting fixtures, which takes just a few minutes but make a big difference in keeping injuries and robberies or vandalism at bay. Similarly, scheduled hot water inspection can save you hundreds of dollars in repair or replacement.

Additional maintenance tasks include:

Appliance Repair & Installation
Cabinet Installation
Cleaning/High Pressure Cleaning
Concrete Cleaning and Patching
Debris Removal
Deck Repair
Deck Sealing and Cleaning
Door Replacement
Dryer Duct Cleaning
Electrical Services

Exterior Wood Replacement
Fence Repair
Graffiti Removal
Gutter Cleaning
Locksmith Services
Plumbing for Appliances
Plumbing Repair
Window Replacement

Discuss your requirements with us and get an obligation-free quote today.  Enjoy peace of mind knowing that a trusted firm with an experienced team is overseeing your property to ensure it is in pristine condition.